We've been developing native iOS and Android mobile apps using PhoneGap , Sencha Touch , jQuery , and HTML5 for years, and the most common complaint we hear is how web developers hate Eclipse and xCode. Cloud Five was invented by developers for developers to simplify and automate as much of the workflow of developing HTML5-based native applications. We realize that every second your team spends fighting with provisioning profiles, SDK versions, and monthly phonegap version releases, that's one more second they can't spend making your app as great as it deserves to be.

Cloud five is built for the enterprise. Many Windows and .NET shops are entering the mobile app market via HTML5 and phonegap, and our team is there for you. Your developers don't need access to apple hardware anymore to get in the App Store - let us do the heavy lifting. We can give you a dedicated cloud server or even deploy on your own hardware in your own datacenter

Save Time

Stop asking your development team to build. We build your app - iPhone or Android, QA or production - and help distribute it directly to your testing devices.

Stop Worrying

An automated build process mean less risk of submitting a bad build to the App Store and a more efficient, easier, and more reliable testing setup for your QA team

Stay Secure

Our shared plans employ industry standard encryption and security practices. With our dedicated and enterprise plans, you can maintain complete control over your source code, build process, API keys, and other sensitive information.

Expert Help

Cloud Five is full service. Need to update PhoneGap, integrate push notifications, or branch a new experimenal build? Our team is just an email or phone call away, and we provide a reasonable amount of expert consulting time per month with no extra charge.

Magic Deployment

If you've ever used other beta testing services, or worse tried to test iOS apps on your own, you will be amazed when you see how seamless deployment works at Cloud Five. Automatic device management and one-click installs keep your developers happy and your testers testing.

Reliable Process

Stay focused on development, not deployment, security, certificates, or provisioning. Cloud Five will do the dirty work while you focus on building the best apps you can build.